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04 Dec 2014

Check Hardware Specification in Ubuntu

The following are some commands in Ubuntu which can be use to get information about the operating system and the...

01 Sep 2011

Install Squid Web Proxy on Slackware

These article will discuss about how to install proxy server using Squid (2.7STABLE9) in Linux Slackware 12.2. First, check harddrive...

17 Nov 2010

Linux Router Configuration as PPPoE Client

Prepare all information needed: username, password and server IP Address (public) up to existing PPPoE configuration. Configuration sample: User :...

05 Dec 2009

Linux Broadcast Message

Sometimes, as linux user (especially as command line user), we need to send message to another user. The message will...

05 Dec 2009

How to Check Filesystem on Linux

Here I will explain about simple way to check filesystem type which installed on our running linux system. The fastest...