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18 Sep 2015

Cacti Monitoring via Email Notification

Cacti can be configured so it can send email notification if something has occured in our system. This is can...

18 Sep 2015

Cacti for Monitoring Windows Host

To monitor windows based host, we need to install custom cacti template. I use windows template to monitor computer with...

19 Mar 2015

Simple C# CRUD Desktop App

This simple application which I built is about CRUD application using C#. In this example, that application is being used...

18 Mar 2015

Setup Autoshutdown UPS on Windows

Thus principally, to run computer autoshutdown using UPS software, is with link a batch script to perform shutdown. So, if...

26 Feb 2015

Linux Passwordless Login

Generate key on the client side: $ ssh-keygen That command will generate key with rsa encryption. To choose dsa encryption,...